In our partial first year as an independent entity (see footnote), Onward Oregon helped galvanize political support for economic, healthcare, election-related, educational, equality, and environmental issues you care about across our state.

Successes Achieved

Columbia River Crossing: Postponed Indefinitely
Your letters and e-mails criticized its poor design, faulty public process, and extreme cost.

West Hayden Island: Port of Portland Development: Canceled
You said it would destroy a critical urban habitat.

Clean Fuels Industry: Executive Order Signed by Gov. Kitzhaber —
With a directive from the Governor, DEQ will fully implement the Clean Fuels Program, providing regulatory certainty for companies looking to invest in Oregon jobs, alternative fuels and vehicles, with big impact all over the state.

Pay-It-Forward: Passed, Support from Sen. Merkley
You supported the concept and the Legislature began a study of the implications.

No GMO in Jackson County: Passed 
You helped family farmers in Jackson County fight behemoths like Syngenta and Monsanto and keep the economic opportunity in organic food and seed production alive for our state.

Kids and Toxics: Still Alive —
Bills to remove toxics from the home have not passed – YET –but you have helped keep the issue alive.

Issues we’re continuing to monitor on behalf of Oregonians

• The proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership and its impact on Oregon businesses and consumers
• The possibility of free community college for Oregonians
• Benefit corporations (“B-Corporations”) as a step towards a more sustainable and responsible corporate culture
• The impacts of coal and oil exports on our communities and on global warming
• Labeling of Genetically Engineered foods
• Support for Oregon Wilderness legislation
• The 6 “E’s” – education, environment, equality, healthcare, elections, and the economy

Financial Report

Expenses: $1,703.00

  • $1,575.00 – Salsa Labs – Email CRM
  • $99.00 – Bluehost – Website Hosting
  • $29.00 – – Domain Registration

Income: $1,575.00

  • $1,575.00 – Contributions from members

*Note: Although we had operated in affiliation with the Bus Project for many years, Onward Oregon officially incorporated as its own entity in September 2013.  All items above took place between our incorporation and May 31, 2014.