I. Issue Awareness

II. Issue Discussion and Comment Period

  1. The submitted issue is sent around and discussed by staff volunteers via email.  The comment period typically lasts anywhere from one week to one month.
  2. A decision is typically reached by consensus among the staff in attendance at the monthly meeting at the time the decision is made.
    The team uses the following criteria to evaluate a potential campaign idea:
    • Is the desired result clear and directly actionable?
    • Does it bridge issues and/or communities? We want to find ways of presenting inter-related issues in a framework that enables groups other than those initiating the campaign to support it.
    • Do we have the potential to make an impact with an action campaign? Is it winnable? Will it win without our help?
    • Does it help us build relationships with other organizations – by responding to a request from them, working with them on a campaign, or outreaching to their members?
    • Is it consistent with the progressive values stated in our core mission statement?
    • Does it represent innovative policy that provides a creative answer to a problem?

III. Issue Dissemination

  1. Based on the consensus of our volunteer staff, an Informational or Action Alert is developed by a staff member.
  2. The Alert is reviewed within 48 hours by staff, and sent out to those who are most directly  affected and in a position to respond effectively.