You have an opportunity to change the priorities of Washington County. The current County Chair, Andy Duyck, has been on the Board for 20 years.  Career politicians tend to become more comfortable and less creative the longer they’re in that position.  It’s time for a change at the top. You deserve someone who represents what YOU want and not just the special interests with lots of money. It’s time for a County Chair with integrity–Allen Amabisca.

How will Allen Amabisca help you?

He will make your tax dollars work on services that matter to YOU:

●       Schools – restoring funding for music, art, shop, and technology classes

●       Roads – building sidewalks near schools, reducing congestion, improving safety

●       Social services – more help for our most vulnerable citizens

He will listen to you:

●       Events Center – You turned down bond measures TWICE for an Events Center at the fairgrounds.  The current county leadership is ignoring you and building it with your property tax dollars.  Allen won’t do that.

●       Vehicle Fees – Current county leadership plans to increase your vehicle registration fees after the May election. They are giving tax breaks to big developers. Allen believes you have the right to vote on these fees.

He will protect Washington County farms and forests, and reinvest in existing communities:

●       Current county leadership spent millions of dollars on a flawed land use plan that was rejected by the Oregon Court of Appeals in February.  Allen will uphold Oregon’s land use laws, protecting our farms and forests, while pushing for job growth on prime development sites that have already been set aside.

Vote for ALLEN AMABISCA for Washington County Chair!

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