Big oil is attacking our right to choose clean fuels and reduce pollution in Oregon. In a cynical political move, the oil industry just proposed three initiatives to repeal the state’s hard-won Clean Fuels Program. Tell your legislator to support Clean Fuels.

Oregon’s drivers deserve more choices for fuel, air free from pollution, and growth in the regional clean fuels industry.

Huge oil companies spent more than $2 million on elections and lobbying to prevent the law from going into effect.  And they’re refusing to give up, even now that the bill has been signed into law.

Big Fuel is trying to ignore the long term economic costs of carbon shown by the Port of Portland Pembina tax issue..Whether it is Pembina trying to dodge pollution taxes or Big Fuel trying to squash efforts at alternate clean fuels, tell your legislators that you believe in a reduced dependence on fossil fuels; that you support clean fuels and a full accounting of carbon fuel costs.

It’s time to move forward and allow Oregonians to choose clean fuels options and reduce pollution in our air and water.

We don’t take kindly to huge corporations coming in and pushing us around in Oregon.. Stand up to Big Oil and tell your legislators enough is enough.