Washington County’s balance of vibrant communities, productive farmland, and spectacular open spaces make this an amazing place to live, work, and play. But our county government has succumbed to the pressures of outside interests and has lost touch with our priorities and the communities we have built together.

Luckily, we have an opportunity to elect Elizabeth Furse, a proven leader who will bring a much needed change to the leadership of our county and prioritize what really matters: public safety, services for our most vulnerable, education, and balancing the protection of our farm and forest economy with our vibrant high tech industry.

  • She will vote to end the millions of dollars in tax breaks to subdivision developers and instead invest in sidewalks and roads so we can get to where we need to safely and quickly.
  • She will spend money more wisely and invest in infrastructure and services for kids, seniors, and veterans; not an events center voters have turned down twice at the polls.
  • She will follow the will of the voters as expressed in the Transportation Development Tax in 2007 and make developers who are adding to our infrastructure costs pay their fare share of these costs.

There is a loss of trust in the county commission. The public is ignored while the commission gives tax giveaways to favored developers, with taxpayers being asked to pay the cost. Policies favor unplanned development over protecting our farmland and open spaces. We spend too much time in traffic, and with growing urban sprawl we’re on the path to it getting even worse.

Washington County is at a crossroads. Will we protect our quality of life, our economy, and the open spaces and farms that define us?

Put county government back on the right path. Vote Elizabeth Furse for Washington County Commission District 4.


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