By the close of Oregon’s next legislative session, nearly 800 English learners will drop out of high school.   Less than 50% of our English language learners in Oregon graduate from high school in four years, negatively impacting their future livelihood.

This summer, the Oregon Education Investment Board (OEIB) will draft recommendations  for the state education budget. Onward Oregon and our partner Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon (APANO) are asking for your support to advance the Oregon Department of Education recommendations regarding increased investment and accountability of English Language Learner (ELL) funds.

While we believe improvements can be made to these recommendations, it’s important that the Oregon Education Investment Board move these main ideas forward to the Governor to continue this important discussion. The conversation around this topic has been unprecedented, and must remain on the front burner throughout the next few months as our state leaders work to create the 2015-17 education budget.

OEIB – Please support Recommendations to:

1) Provide districts a weight of 0.6 in additional funding, or about $4,500, per ELL student.

2) Require districts to spend a minimum of 90% of the extra weight on ELL students.

3) Provide districts with the additional weight for seven years for ELL students who begin at levels one and two (out of five).

4) Provide districts with the additional weight for four years for ELL students who begin at levels three and four.

5) Permit extra weight to be claimed even if the student becomes proficient in English and exits the program in fewer than the seven or four years.

Sign the petition here.

Read more about the recommendations here.

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