Family farmers in Southern Oregon are doing something few farmers have the chance to do: they’ve qualified a Jackson County ballot measure to protect their farms and the local community from the risks of genetically engineered crops. This ballot measure is a rare chance to make huge progress in the fight against genetically engineered crops but we need your help to make it happen.

The fight to pass the “Family Farms Measure” (15-119) is in full swing and the courageous Jackson County farmers backing this measure are now under attack as the corporate chemical lobby and their allies flood the County with record amounts of campaign cash and a classic fear campaign.

Please take just a minute and click here to add your name to the list of Oregonians taking a stand with the family farmers in Jackson County who are on the front lines in the fight with the world’s largest chemical giants to determine the future of genetically engineered crops.

Also, please make a contribution big or small to the Our Family Farms Coalition so they can run a campaign where common sense and the facts beat out misleading scare tactics. 

Jackson County is now the only Oregon county allowed to vote on a local measure to prevent the growing of genetically engineered crops. Recent state Legislation pushed by Monsanto prohibits any other area in the state from getting the chance to vote on a local measure. So this is our chance to set state and national precedent.

 Please help these family farmers stand up against the risks of genetically engineered crops—risks that range from crop contamination and increased use of herbicides to Superweeds and corporate control of our food supply. 

 To learn more, visit Our Family Farms Coalition.  

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