Veresen, a Canadian company, seeks to export natural gas to Asian markets from Coos Bay, Oregon.  In order to do so it must obtain conditional approval from the U.S. Department of Energy for a pipeline to Coos Bay.

Unfortunately Oregon Senator Ron Wyden supports this approval. Call Senator Wyden at (202) 224-5244 and tell him this is bad for families, bad for our economy, and bad for our state.

Why Onward Oregon opposes the Coos Bay (Jordan Cove) terminal:

Individual Property Rights vs. Corporate Interests:

Approval from the Department of Energy would enable Veresen, a private company, to use eminent domain on over 300 Oregon families along the pipeline route.

Public Safety:

This month a gas facility exploded on the Columbia River in Washington State, injuring several people and forcing an evacuation. This same company is slated to build the Pacific Connector pipeline from Malin to Coos Bay.

The Economic Impact:

Some experts say that exporting natural gas would raise domestic gas rates, costing jobs in the U.S.

The Environmental Impact:

Gas companies will make huge profits, increasing the pressure for more hydraulic fracking in the Rocky Mountains and working against the urgently needed transition to cleaner energy.

The Department of Energy approval is one of several permits that the gas company is required to obtain before it can move forward. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission won’t issue its approval until late in 2014.

You can still make a difference. Call Senator Wyden right now at (202) 224-5244


After seven years of advancing LNG import applications, the proponents behind the Jordan Cove terminal and Pacific Connector pipeline withdrew their LNG import proposal in early 2012. In June 2012, the companies began their application process for a LNG export proposal, which had long been suspected to be the real purpose. The public admission of the true intent of this proposal was a huge development in this campaign and allows us to not only articulate the problems with, and fight against, the real proposal but it also allows us to take part in the larger national discussion currently taking place on energy policy and security, fracking and climate change. – See more at the Rogue Riverkeeper site.

Watch the video.

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