Contact Your Legislator today about SB 1569.

The 2014 Legislature is considering, right now, a bill to protect children from toxic chemicals in manufactured products. SB 1569, the Toxics Disclosure Act for Healthy Kids will broaden the limited protections from toxic flame-retardants that were passed in 2013.  SB 1569 passed the House last session with bipartisan support but did not get a hearing in the Senate. SB 1569 is a common sense measure that will help reduce toxics in the home.

For more information read the Feb 5 headline article in the Oregonian.

SB 1569 does several important things. It requires the health authority to establish and maintain a list of high priority chemicals of concern for children’s health and for manufacturers to notify the health authority if they use these hazardous chemicals. To read the entire bill, go to thelegislative website . We started with flame-retardants. Now would be a good time to strengthen our resolve in protecting children. Lets pass SB 1569 this session.

Contact your legislator and tell them the time is NOW for moving forward on this matter.

To increase the effectiveness of your letter, personalize your letter and alter the subject heading.

Talking Points:

  • Notification and tracking is the first step in keeping toxics away from kids.

  • Kids are generally much more vulnerable to the long-term effects of toxics than adults.

  • This is not a partisan issue. All parties have a desire to protect children.


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