In 2012, John Ludlow and Tootie Smith were elected to the Clackamas County Commission. They had earlier led the campaign to vote down Clackamas County’s contribution to the Sellwood Bridge replacement, which was to be financed by a $5 annual increase in automobile registration fees.They also opposed Oregon’s land-use planning laws and the Milwaukie Light Rail Project and would like the County to opt out of TriMet. These candidates received more than $240,000 in contributions from the Oregon Transformation Project PAC, a far right wing group funded largely by Andrew Miller, CEO of Stimson Lumber Co. The PAC views a takeover of the Clackamas County Commission as an entering wedge for transforming our state from liberal, or at least moderate, blue to Tea Party red.

Besides Ludlow and Smith, the County Commission consists of Democrats Martha Schrader and Jim Bernard and moderate Republican Paul Savas. The latter two are up for re-election in the May 20 primary. These three commissioners have managed to rein in the worst excesses of Ludlow and Smith. So it is no surprise that Ludlow and Smith have recruited two Tea Party candidates to run against Savas and Bernard.

Savas  has been an active citizen and community contributor during the past 25 years in Clackamas County. He has owned a small business, Savas Tuning Systems, Inc., in Oak Grove since 1985.

His community experience includes:

•    Oak Lodge Sanitary District Board since 2003

•    Oak Lodge Water District from 2001-2005

•    Chairman, McLoughlin Area Plan Committee

•    Metro Policy Advisory Committee

•    Co-Chair, Clackamas County Coordinating Committee

•    Regional Water Providers Consortium

•    North Clackamas County Water Commission

•    Wastewater Solutions Task Force

•    Jennings Lodge Community Planning Organization

•    Oak Lodge Community Council

•    Member of the McLoughlin Corridor Study, 1999

•    Member of South Corridor Alternatives Study

Jim Bernard is a native of Clackamas County who has owned and operated an auto repair shop in Milwaukie for 25 years. He served as Mayor of Milwaukie for two terms. He was co-founder of the Milwaukie Farmers’ Market and he played a key role in bringing the new MAX line to Milwaukie. He has served as Chair of the North Clackamas County Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and as a member of the North Clackamas Education Foundation. Currently as a Clackamas County Commissioner, Jim is active on a variety of County, State and National Boards. He created the county’s Audit Committee which reviews and evaluates expenditures within the county’s nearly one billion dollar budget.

Keep Clackamas County on the right track and stop the Tea Party in its tracks! Vote Savas and Bernard for Clackamas County Commissioners.

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