How would you like your home taken away from you?

Out-of-state energy speculators want to put a pipeline across public and private lands in Jackson County and many other communities to transport 1.2 billion cubic feet of fracked natural gas per year from the Rockies to Coos Bay, where it would be shipped overseas from a giant new terminal. Tell your legislator to oppose the gas facility on Jordan Cove. These companies would make massive profits, while the rest of us would pay the price in the following ways:

A Huge Backward Step on Climate
In the process of liquefying and transporting the gas, the terminal would become the largest emitter of carbon-filled greenhouse gases in Oregon,  according to the Oregonian.
Threats to Existing Jobs and Businesses
The pipeline will affect farms and fishing businesses as it disturbs more than 400 waterways and brings added damage to salmon and steelhead habitat. Tourism will drop as coastal communities become less attractive.
Major Local Impacts, Few Jobs
More than 1,000 temporary residents from outside our local communities will descend on coastal towns during the construction phase. A recent federal report described how energy boom-bust towns experience increases in crime, drug dealing, alcohol abuse, and prostitution. Corporate CEOs promise that dozens of jobs will remain after construction, but history has proven that such promises are rarely kept.

Trampling on Farmer and Landowner Rights
Landowners are being told that if they don’t accept a small one-time payment for permanent use of their land for the pipeline, the government will use the power of eminent domain to force them to anyway.

Serious Safety Risk
LNG is highly explosive. The Williams Co., the key corporate driver of the project, has already had four explosions at other facilities or pipelines, injuring workers and endangering communities. The terminal will be in a region vulnerable to tsunamis, while the pipeline adds to our wildfire risks.

Tell your legislator to oppose Jordan Cove

Talking Points

  • Jordan Cove is the wrong kind of economic development
  • Don’t build explosive energy terminals in tsunami zones
  • The pipeline will harm our farm and fishing communities