Time is of the essence – The legislature will vote within the next week.

Lets tell our legislators that Oregon, without Washington, can’t risk our financial future on the Columbia River Crossing. The financing of the CRC will affect transportation funding throughout Oregon. Oregon shouldn’t bet our state’s finances on a risky, rushed, and poorly designed proposal that is truly a regional project. Any I-5 replacement bridge must be a partnership between Oregon, Washington and the US Department of Transportation; the idea of Oregon funding and building a bi-state and regionally important project without the involvement of Washington is just plain silly. It is a critical West Coast corridor link and has to be a regional project.  Also, Oregon has no legal authority to force Washington residents to pay the tolls needed to finance bridge maintenance. Oregon Transportation Director Matt Garrett has admitted this  in a memo to the Oregon State Treasurer.  Join with us in telling the state legislature no to risky CRC funding.

Please take a moment and tell your legislators why you feel strongly about this issue. You can increase the impact your letter will have by doing these two simple things:

1) Write a unique email subject line

2) Use the Talking Points below to personalize your Letter

Your words make a difference!

Talking Points

  • The CRC is important regionally and nationally and is not a single state project

  • CRC shouldn’t be supported without full Washington participation

  • CRC unlikely to get full US DOT support without Washington

  • CRC is financial risky for Oregon

  • Washington drivers are major users and their toll fees are critical for bridge financing and maintenance

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