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Q. Why do we need an ERA in our Oregon Constitution?

A. Because the Oregon Constitution was written in 1857, ratified in 1859 it never prevented women from being discriminated against.Even though the Article I, Section 20 -page 5-says: “[n]o law shall be passed granting to any citizen or class of citizens privileges, or immunities, which, upon the same terms, shall not equally belong to all citizens,” women couldn’t vote, own property, work the same number of hours as men and more.

The same Article I, Section 20 that was originally written to provide equality is still in the constitution today.

Q. Do women have equality now in Oregon?

A. Women in Oregon are protected with case law. Case law, laws, statutes can be overturned and interpreted by different judges in the future.  Case law has been overturned in Oregon.

Q. A better question is: “Why would women want to be vulnerable to the winds of political change?”  Why would half the population not want their equality fully protected to the highest degree like other rights are protected in the constitution?

A. Women don’t want to be vulnerable to case law.  Oregonians don’t want women to be reliant upon case law for their basic equality.

Q. Shouldn’t the question then be: “Why wouldn’t women want their equality expressly written in every constitution?

A. They do and they are they are not alone.

82% of Oregonians from all geographical corners of the state, all political parties, race, gender and all age groups said they wanted to vote YES on the ERA. They also said, if the ERA was on the Nov. 2014 ballot, they would be “more likely to vote.”

Please download and sign the ERA petition!

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