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Paid Sick Leave (also called Paid Sick Time) is being debated in the Oregon legislature. Paid sick leave is a critical “family value” that improves worker productivity, worker health, and family security.

Paid Sick Leave matters because:

  • 80 % of people in low paying jobs do not get sick leave
  • Paid sick leave reduces lost work time, workplace sickness, absenteeism, and workplace accidents
  • It improves family health and reduces school absences
  • It improves morale, productivity, and employee loyalty
  • Both Portland and Eugene require paid sick leave
  • Paid sick leave needs to be statewide for fairness

The legislature needs to hear from you. HB 2005  and SB 454 are good bills that give employees up to 40 hours of paid sick time per year. Starting with their first day of employment, workers earn one hour for every 30 hours worked; This applies to employers with more than 6 employees, with some exceptions. Once an economic analysis of HB 2005 is completed, it will be ready to move forward for a committee vote.

Paid Sick Leave is a top priority of many groups including the Working Families Party, the Democratic Party, most Unions, Family Forward Oregon, Basic Rights Oregon, Planned Parenthood, the Oregon Education Association, the Mother PAC, and most groups that support family values.

PLEASE WRITE YOUR LEGISLATOR and tell them how you feel. Use the talking points shown above.


Please write your Legislator and tell them that you want to see action on either or both HB 2005 or SB 454.


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