Tell your legislator that climate matters NOW. The 2014 legislative session starts THIS WEEK.

Oregon has plans in the works to replace dirty fuel and energy with cleaner, more efficient systems and to protect vulnerable communities from climate threats.  The longer we delay enacting these plans, however, the greater the costs to our businesses and communities.

This year your legislators will have the opportunity to make bold choices for our future.

Let them know that Climate Change matters to you:

  • Protect the Clean Fuels Program
  • Protect the Renewable Portfolio Standard
  • Support additional measures to cut carbon pollution in 2014
  • Propose even bigger ideas in 2015

Programs like Clean Fuels and the Renewable Portfolio Standard reduce carbon pollution AND generate economic activity for the state.

Don’t let short-term concerns get in the way of building healthy energy and fuel options and making our state strong to face the challenges in our path.  Our working farms and ranches, our ski resorts and coastal fisheries, our children and elderly depend on us.  Ask your legislator to get serious on climate today.

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