Support the Clean Fuels Bill: SB 324

Contact your representatives and ask them to support SB 324, the Clean Fuels Bill.

Transportation is the largest source of heat-trapping carbon pollution in Oregon and also threatens public health by generating deadly air pollution. The Oregon Clean Fuels Program would hold the oil industry–one of the wealthiest industries on Earth –accountable for its climate destabilizing pollution, cutting carbon pollution from transportation fuels by 10% in 10 years. This measure is under attack by Big Oil, which is creating confusion through biased push polls and even by creating fake grassroots groups to oppose the bill. We need your help before time runs out. Contact your state representative today to urge them to vote in support of the Clean Fuels Program.

Why support clean fuels?

  • For a cleaner environment: Carbon standards for diesel and gasoline will require oil importers to reduce their impact on the climate and public health. They can meet the standards by improving operations, blending low-carbon biofuels, and supporting investments in electric vehicles and other clean fuels. The results are less carbon pollution and healthier air.
  • For local job creation: An independent analysis shows the program could create thousands of jobs in construction, manufacturing and agriculture right here in Oregon. This could grow personal income in our state by as much as $2.6 billion.
  • We know it’s working elsewhere: California and British Columbia already have successful clean fuel programs in place as part of thriving clean energy economies. Washington is poised to move ahead with a program of its own. Oregon should be part of the developing west coast clean fuels corridor—or opportunities and investments will pass us by.

Let’s make a strong commitment to act on climate change by implementing the Clean Fuels Program in Oregon. Our state has a history of pioneering new innovative environmental practices – and it’s time we lead again.

What you can do:

Contact your representatives

to ask them to support this critical program. It’s important for our health, our air, our kids, and especially our climate.

Let’s hold the oil industry accountable. Take action and voice your support for Oregon’s Clean Fuels Program: SB 324.


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