Informational Alert
10 22 14

Onward Oregon 2014 Voter Guide

Onward Oregon 2014 Voter Guide Recommended Votes for Statewide Ballot Measures In one of the more exciting off-year elections in recent memory, a number of important measures are on the ballot.  The team at Onward Oregon has pored over the arguments on both sides of each measure, and is ready…

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Action Alert
02 12 14

Protect Kids from Toxic Chemicals

Contact Your Legislator today about SB 1569. The 2014 Legislature is considering, right now, a bill to protect children from toxic chemicals in manufactured products. SB 1569, the Toxics Disclosure Act for Healthy Kids will broaden the limited protections from toxic flame-retardants that were passed in 2013.  SB 1569 passed…

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