Thanks to in part to YOUR efforts, Oregonians will now have the opportunity to explore a new vision for West Hayden Island–one that enhances, not diminishes, its ecological importance.

The Port of Portland announced earlier this month that it is withdrawing its application to the City of Portland to annex West Hayden Island for Marine Industrial Development.

The proposed development on West Hayden Island would have destroyed hundreds of acres of meadows, bottomland forests, floodplains, wetland, and shallow-water salmon habitat. It also would have tripled air toxics and reduced the livability of the surrounding community, including Oregon’s largest affordable-housing, manufactured-home community.

Onward Oregon joins together with our friends at the Audubon Society and applauds the City for standing strong in the face of pressure to externalize the negative impacts of this development on the environment and the local community.

Thanks to everyone in the Onward Oregon community who supported this Action!

For more about the Audubon Society’s vision for West Hayden Island, visit

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