Thanks to you Debt Free Education just got closer. Now Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley is trying to make it a national program

Thank Senator Merley for his support.

Students are drowning in debt. The average debt load for an Oregon college graduate is now $25,000, a 75% increase since 2005. This is a truly remarkable cost shift onto the backs of students.

Fortunately, thanks in part to your email and our friends at the Working Families Party, Oregon took a first step to change the debt-for-education treadmill that has trapped students, and trapped our economy. By a unanimous vote, the House Higher Education Committee passed HB 3472.

The bill that passed  is a first step, but it was a big one. It directs the Higher Education Coordinating Committee to develop a Pay It Forward pilot program to be presented to the next Legislative Session for approval. Now the bill moves on to the Ways and Means Committee and then to the floor of both Houses.

Thanks in part to your support the Oregon legislature is leading the country on developing a viable, state-based alternative to the debt-driven system that makes Wall Street happy, but leaves students saddled with unsustainable debt.

See the Debate in the NY Times.

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